Galexsa Introduction

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Galexsa | Sell Tickets Online On Web3 Ticketing Platform


Web3 Ticketing

The Best decentralized crypto ticketing platform

What is Galexsa?

We are the future of the ticketing platform with a decentralized system and a trusted blockchain that is ready to move forward.

Galexsa is a secure, highly flexible and easy-to-build ticketing platform to power your events with the ability to turn tickets into tradable digital collectibles and nft capabilities for fans and event organizers, with a decentralized system and blockchain benefits that It is a reliable system. The name of these digital tickets is GLXS-NFT

Why Galexsa?

Because without affecting the previous ticketing system, it provides a surplus income from the purchase and sale of GLXS-NFT for the organizer as the main producer of the event.

What makes GLXS-NFTs so valuable?

Because GLXS-NFT is unique and limited, it contains event information such as banner, time, date, location, and fan position. In addition, it contains a photo and name and an exclusive message from the organizer and fans Which makes GLXS-NFT a valuable and memorable digital collection for fans. And for well-known people, it is a type of investment with the intention of selling in different auctions, and the value of these collections increases when a specific person participates in a specific event with a specific message.

Tickets are sold in cryptocurrency or fiat

For people who buy through Wallet Cryptocurrency, GLXS-NFT will be directly transferred to their cryptocurrency wallet. However, for people who buy tickets in fiat form, GLXS-NFT is kept in the archive and an email sent to the user explains how to get GLXS-NFT.


1. Ticket control service and entry and exit of fans

2. Dedicated and compatible plugins for advertising and display on other websites

3. Ability to analyze recorded data in real time

4. Complete ticketing infrastructure on the blockchain network with NFT integration

5. The DEFI event decentralized financing system that can provide financial resources for the implementation of an event and the resulting profit is evaluated in terms of risk and reward.

Decentralized platform

Galexsa changes the way organizers and fans think. And it adds an extra income to the income basket of artists and athletes or organizers and makes the presence of special and famous people very important for both that person and the organizer of the event. Galexsa is a serious step towards Metaverse and the future of ticket sales.


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